Monday, 7 April 2008

Wintry Springy Cashmere

Morning Sunday, I woke up in such white London. Hang on a minute; we are in spring, aren't we? I just start sorting through my wardrobe for spring a few days ago, now I have to dig out something warmer, but still feel springy and of course stylish… That is not so easy, but my beloved cashmeres & silk mix will take a good care of these.

I love cashmere, but to be very honest, it is not so durable, right? 30% to 50% silk that is mixed into cashmere will make a big difference. Yes, they are still very soft, luxury but more durable and breathing better for this wintery spring. Therefore, I have put some of my favourites here (Only the Matthew Williamson ones are pure cashmere and the others are all cashmere & silk mix). They are all just beautifully made into slightly different way, and I love them all! Personally, I adore Marc Jacobs' work, no matther for himself or Louis Vuitton. He truely knows how to make a girl looking chic, stunning and fun!

  1. Super duper cute Chanel 07P black and white bow chain top

  1. Gorgeous red Louis Vuitton red ruffle cardigan with white pearl buttons

  1. Chic Marc Jacobs white cardigan/top with black lace collar

  1. Simple and luxury Louis Vuitton blue top with beautiful diamante buttons

  1. Wardrobe stable Louis Vuitton peach pink top

  1. 2 Matthew Williamson pearl stitched cashmere tops (Yes, I love it so much, so I got two.)

Hopefully, these will keep me warm for a while now ... ... and what are you going to wear for this London weather?

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