Tuesday, 1 April 2008

More Chanel Jewellery

More Chanel Jewellery, more Chanel charms! The vintage Chanel charms have been famous for years – the style is simply classic, timeless and still very youthful!

  • 1982 Chanel Diamante 4-leaf Clover Necklace

I am in love with this necklace from the moment I saw it! Just look at its details! Brilliantly made fine chain, 25 little crystal on the face of 4-leaf clover, and a tiny little Chanel oval plate at the end! How cute it is! For me, it is purely gorgeous!

And it is even limited edition, numbered at the back of the clover!

  • 94P Chanel Camellia Earrings

This pair of beautiful earrings is from 1994 spring collection - 1 decade later than the 7 luck charm bracelet. Still, they are strongly influenced by the 80s shape – round and relatively large, but the tiny little pearl in the centre and detail of layers of the flower indicate the great trend of 1990s Chanel jewellery – tinier, cuter and still pretty much signature! I love them in a classic way, and they are just chic, chic and chic!

  • 95A Chanel 7 Lucky Charm Necklace

A year later after 1994, this great Chanel Chain was born in a beautiful autumn with slightly changes in the charm – a bit for fun, perhaps! The charms of Coco Chanel face, a heart pendant, and Chanel CC logo were added in compared to that 1980s charm bracelet. They are actually incredibly easy to match, play up or play down! Particularly in the summer, I know the English garden party (floral print) dresses will be back, and they will go beautifully together!

  • 00A My Chanel Lucky 4-Leaf Clover Earrings

This is my absolutely favourite pair of earrings. They are small, sweet, sharp yet veryyy classic! I think they have always been my first choice for some great events! However, now I don’t wear them that often, since they do need a bit rest in order to keep in great condition and maybe the luck as well!

I love 4-leaf clover, they are really special! The shape alone is already a miracle. I also love number 5, as it is greatly connected with my birthday. I remember that once I was wearing this pair of earrings, and my supervisor looked at me and ask, “what’s your significant number?”

I replied, “sorry?”

“You’ve got 5 on your earrings!” He said.

“Yes, that’s right. It’s my birthday!” I don’t think mention Chanel to my academic professor was necessary…

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