Thursday, 3 April 2008

The Girl with a Pearl Earring

The history of pearl is far longer than anyone can remember. From white to black, and from real to faux we just love its shape, colour and the kinds of sharp but done in a whisper, with the class totally! Remember The Girl with a Pearl Earring (Dutch: Het Meisje met de Parel, also called the Mona Lisa of the North" or "the Dutch Mona Lisa") done by Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer. Even though very little is known about this master piece, the whole focal point has been on that white pearl earring. Imagine the same painting without that white pearl, what would happen… We ladies, therefore, have the best reason to try on various pearl – maybe not quite real ones, but at least pretty faux. Look at Coco Chanel (pictured left below, Coco Chanel was in her apartment in Ritz Paris in 1937.) - she's the mother of these faux pearls. Just look how amazing she looked all the time with these costumn jewellery!

  • 1980s Chanel Pearl Necklace & Earrings Set
Every girl should have a pearl necklace. It brightens up your complexion and makes your skin look radiant immediately. Moreover, it is very, very sexy in a classy way. This gorgeous Chanel chocker has 20 beautiful large faux pearls and a small one down the end of the chain. The colour is creamy white, like liquid pearly nail varnish. I find it very easy to match most of my outfits, and gives quite different definition. For the earrings, I only wear them in the evening, to match the necklace. Actually this pair Chanel was done in limited edition in 80s, as stamped at the back of the earring.

  • 1980 Chanel XL Pearl Necklace

Talking about this pearl necklace, I actually have another special one - from Chanel season 29. It has 18 XL beautiful pearls plus a little tiny peal with Chanel CC signature dangling at the end. Together, it has a spring clasp (i.e. a ring with a small prong that allows the ring to be opened and attached to the opposite end of chain and the spring ensures the ring closes when the prong is released).

Another good reason to wear XL pearls is that the contrast makes my face looks smaller and cuter! A good trick, hah?! I so like the finish of the necklace - the tiny little pearl. Especially when I put my hair up, it looks so pretty at the back - seems like that I really take a good care of myself, everything is pretty perfect!

  • 1981 Chanel Black Pearl Necklace

If you have white, then you have to have black; and if you have short, then you have to have long. So here is my truly deeply madly black pearl Chanel! We are the same age, that’s right, it is signed 1981! However, its skin is 10 times better than mine (almost like new), maybe I also need a black velvet box … The colour is actually more like a darkest grey with some silver shine, simply stunning! It’s about 23” long with medium-sized baroque pearls (also called as potato peal - irregulary shaped peal), quite heavy but that’s Chanel (many of Chanel faux peals are made from glass)! Did you notice the exquisite push-slot clasp (the typical vintage clasp for heavier necklace - it hascomprises a thin narrow v-shaped plate on one end, that can be clicked into a ‘box’ that placed on the other end of the necklace. )

  • Chanel Black& White Pearl Necklace

Like Coco Chanel once said, “In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different”. I’m not sure how easy or how hard to achieve that, I certainly know that Chanel costume jewellery has achieved that definition for more than half century! Seriously, when you see a piece of Chanel jewellery, you just know even you haven’t seen the hallmark / stamp. You know why? The charisma! Just look at this baby, more a later creation by Chanel - every single details speaks for itself. The mixture of pearl, crafted square gold-ball and the bow-shaped push-slot clasp at the end.

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