Friday, 11 April 2008

Dress Rehearsal

Time just flies! Another Friday is coming. The frustrating thing is that I cannot quite remember what I have done this week though, but I need another dress rehearsal, since I am going to meet my friends down Scotts (one of my favourite restaurants in London), then we may carry on for a couple of cocktails, but the question is what I should wear. Do you have this moment? You face a wardrobe of clothes, but you still don’t know what to wear? Yes, that’s how I exactly feel now, but I do have a few candidates. I like them all in different ways, but I want to look chic, pretty, and fresh, because of all girls. For your information, London is still cold in the evening. I am a brunette with pale skin, slim and about 166cm.

  • Burberry Prorsum ss07 Silver/ Dress

It is so easy going, but fresh and effortlessly elegant. I have to say that I really think Christopher Bailey is a true talent who is one of very few designers who can internationalise Brits style. This twisted sixties swing dress has perfectly defined high waist, but in the puffed and breezy volumes and teamed with seriously delicious creamy vanilla neutral yet sharp tone. What Christopher Bailey does best here is that he married the idea of 1960s short fahsion novelty to much more desirable long lasting piece - its luxury quality merged perfectly with the qwirky English accent!

  • Marni Bronze Silk Cocktail Dress
It is an absolutely divine Marni cocktail dress. It has all the Marni sense of humor but is made more luxury way 0 the super duper cute flower front; the amazing bronze applique fabric; stripe across the shoulder floating at the back, and the easy shape with unfinished hem completes the whole look!

  • Burberry Prorsum aw06 Petrol Blue Chiffon Dress

The dress is just a brilliant example of Christopher Bailey’s design. He can make girl just so pretty but down to earth! Beautiful cut, fabric and the tones of layers, which I completely adore, create a perfect silhouette from each angle.

  • Burberry Prorsum aw05 Burdundy Red Chiffon Dress

I have found an older dress that is also from Burberry Prorsum. I always love layers, but this one has 1 more benefit – the print. It is very rare combination of various tones of burgundy reds, black, and faded hot-pink. I put my Chanel brooch on to give more contrast in front (but my camera couldn’t really pick up the black mini crystals on top). I love digging out an older dress – people seemingly remember it but not so sure, the “familiarity” effect may sometimes create a warm and friendly feel.

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