Monday, 16 June 2008

About Miss L

Welcome to this fashion merry-go-round! I’m a wardrobe thinker and protector at heart. As designers may try various experiments followed by surrounding changes, we change our styling moods from time to time. Therefore, this blog is a small but fine space to detox your wardrobe and inject other fashion essentials that make you smile.

No one needs to be a rule-follower. You can be either adventurous or classy! You can wear black all the time or love colour! There is no “must-have” or “mustn’t do” for fashion or styling, but you, not others, have to be in love with the clothes from the moment it’s on you. Hopefully, you will find something interesting and nice in this blog to enhance your style.

If you have a stylish closet and need some helps, I would be more than happy to assist you, either it is wardrobe management, detox or searching for a rare piece! Still, I do charge...

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