Thursday, 3 April 2008

My Darling Brooches!

According to a 1927 issue of Femme magazine, there are a hundred different ways to wear a flower. Even though nobody is sure why Coco Chanel had made Camellia her emblem, we guess Chanel probably has explored them all. She was very well known for wearing a white Camellia - a flower that has perfect simplicity and is devoid of scent.
  • 02C Chanel Black Silk Organza Camellia with Mini Swarovski black crystals

It is just a heavenly made black Silk Organza Tulle Chanel camellia flower pin brooch from the 2002 Cruise Collection. In particularly, I adore the texture, like saying, “Hello, how are you doing?” Think about to put it now a white evening coat, a silk red dress or a plain black jacket ..... wow!

  • 07A Chanel Black & White Cotton Textured Flower

How cute is this little panda look alike! This little camellia is from 2007 autumn/winter collection. Isn’t it a great in investment for any cold weather? The 2-tone contrast is just as classic Chanel as usual and a bit more sweet x

  • Brooches with Prada

Style doesn’t have a season or timeline. It is free from your heart, your feelings and your inspiration. Look at how many of girls wear ballerina flats in a gold winter, while how many of us wear tight skinny jeans in a hot summer? Sometimes these little cool mismatches come from your heart, and you only know how much you enjoy it. These 2 Prada brooches from 2004 autumn winter, not quite camellias but also pretty flowers, have been my wardrobe stables for quite a long time. I simply adore the colour and the various shapes of stones make everything so unique! However, I don’t actually wear them often, only because sometimes it is bit too sharp for my “quite” serious environment. But I just love them!

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