Monday, 21 April 2008

Let Me Be Your Fantasy!

I was reading InStyle magazine (UK May 08 issue) the other day and here it comes - a huge page about shopping and new season Chanel. I am not a weak-minded person who can be easily influenced by an advertisement, but I am not that strong facing Chanel. That's why a full page advertisement on a best-selling magazine can cost a firm almost 5-figure cost per month. This one even better, not just an simple advert, but full hands-on simulation. The thing for Chanel is that it is hard to just purchase only 1 item. They just have so much connection between products, but before that we need space for my wardrobe, seriously!

I really train myself to do this since my wardrobe has not much space left for this new season. However, it is such a hard process, I mean mentally. I love my clothes truly, deeply and madly, especially my Chanel – they are my style savers. You know, when you need to but are not really in the mood of dressing up, they are the easiest thing to pick you up and lots of fun. On the other hand, I tell myself that I should be more disciplined, so many of my beautiful things are simply sleeping in my wardrobe. God, should I, could I, would I? Therefore, I'm thinking to "sorting out" these beautiful Chanel fantasy jackets.

  • The famous Chanel 04p Fantasy Jacket - I love everything about it, the black and white lace contrast; the tiny sequins going through the boucle fabric and the classic cutting.

  • Chanel 04p Red, Pink & Black Fantasy Jackets with tiny black sequins all way through, with its matching cute dress!

  • Chanel 05p Fantasy Jacket - for me, the comfort and rich details are the true luxury. Look at this cute babe. I can wear team it with jeans for a easy afternoon tea; or my Chanel silk orgnaza skirt for theatre. That's why I love about Chanel, super easy lux!

  • Chanel 05A 50th Anniversary Camellia Wool Coat and its pretty Camellia brooch

My right brain has been trying to convince myself, saying that "enough is enough", but my left brain keeps thinking "they are sooooooo pretty, lovely and forever"! And Chanel says to me "Let me be your fantasy!"

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