Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Let's Start from Chanel!

This is my first ever post. I have been thinking about to create a blog for some time now, but never really had anytime to actually put it into action. Till today, I’ve realised that my love for fashion has “exploited”- well, at least my wardrobe! I guess, it is the time to start sorting my wardrobe and I am extremely to share with all of you who love fashion and your wardrobe!

Starting Point – Vintage Chanel Costume Jewellery

Because of too many things in my closet, I've decided to pick an easy start – something I even forgot that I have, and probably sleeping in its black box for a while now, something I just love to dig out – yes, my vintage Chanel costume jewellery! I have been collecting them for years – some pieces are from my lovely mum and some pieces that I have spent a quite fortune on, but I just think they are worthy it. In a way, they are more like statements of each fashion era!

Chanel has a long history of costume-jewellery making. In 1930s, Coco is the first person who deliberately mixed genuine jewels with the coloured glass to create unforgettable combination of elegance and simplicity. The first vintage Chanel jewellery collection was introduced in 1924. Harper's Bazaar described it as “one of the most revolutionary designs of our time.” She made these cheaper and semi-precious stones into fashion! Also, these costume jewellery have allowed women to purchase much more pieces to properly match her various outfits – superb! Chanel jewellery has been influenced by many different culture, art and of course fashion! I start sorting them from a few of my bracelets!

  • 1980s Chanel Silver Leather Gold Chain Bracelet

This is one of my most versatile Chanel piece from 1980s, collection 26! The leather chain made Chanel super duper famous since 1950s – from bag, belt, to bracelet, just signature Chanel! It is so rare to see a great colour combination of silver and gold and I love leather contrasting gold!

  • 1980s Chanel Black Leather Gold Chain Bracelet

Another younger but "bigger" chain from my collection. It is also from 1980s, collection 28! Chain leather chain rules! I just love the X factor bringing out from a simple piece!

  • 1980s Chanel Gold Knot Bracelet

I love this little cute Chanel Bracelet since the first time I saw it long time ago! It is very sweet, elegant and look just special! Each ball is crafted into very detailed 3-D knot and perfect for any occasion!

  • Vintage Chanel 7 Lucky Charm Bracelet

I love lucky charms and I do think they bring some invisible and indescribable lucks when I wear them! This is such a “look-at” me piece, actually more as a sleeping beauty than my swanky party piece – simply because it is too precious to experience any “rocky” night (I’d be heart-broken if anything happened to it! Actually, I’d be crying to anything happened to any of my pieces!) I even avoid using any perfume close to them.

Back to lucky charms - there are 7 of them on this bracelet: 4-leaf clover, high-heel stilettos, Coco Chanel No 5 perfume bottle, Cupid, classic Chanel 2.55 handbag, lucky turtle and Chanel camellia flower. What can I say? All my dreams come true......

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