Tuesday, 29 April 2008

1950s Glamour

I was tidying up my wardrobe and realised many of clothes are sorts of influenced by 50s glamour. In case you want to read something about 1940s fashion, you can check out my the other post, 1940s Fascination.

If someone asks me what is so significant about 1950s fashion, I’d say the New Look of Christian Dior which dominated the fashion for almost a decade since 1947, was gradually taken over by Chanel boxy-cut suits (after Chanel reopen in 1954) and of course, the birth of the famous Chanel classic 2.55 bag, launched in Feburary 1955. However, I guess that the most important issue happened in the fashion industry is the arrival of the teenager fashion, which overpowered the fabulous fashion for mid-age ladies. It was the first time that teenager girls did not dress like their mothers.

Actually, 1950s fashion was a period of transition in fashion, since till mid 1950s, everything was still pretty much 1940s. Then, the arrival of the teenage cult mutated the fashion from much disciplined style to more flexible 1950s glamour – the defined waist line, the gorgeous full and voluminous skirt, the pencil slim tubular skirt and mid-heeled pumps. The detailing on the clothes in 1950s is very pretty – beading on the sweaters and occasional extravagance on the circle skirts. OK, let’s put an easier way: the first half of 1950s is more Grace Kelly (or even Anna Wintour) whilst the second half is moving toward Audrey Hepburn.

(Dior New Look dominates the fashion industry 1947 - mid 50s)

(Grace Kelly & Elizabeth Taylor in early 50s)

(Audrey Hepburn's cropped fitted trousers and relaxed jumper influenced mid 50s fashion)

(The reopen of Chanel gives the 50s suit a new definition)

The movie, Walk the Line (2005), is a perfect example for the fashion during that era, since it goes through the whole 50s. Particularly, I do think Reese Witherspoon has the perfect early 50s style.

There is one interesting dress worn by Reese Witherspoon looks like Zac Posen ss06 dress worn by Hilary Swank in P.S. I Love You (2008). Here we have it that mordern fashion is influenced by this fifties feel.

What’s good about fashion is that there is always something new, the chic ones will remains as "style" and the ambiguous ones will become a short trend. For me, what's more interesting is the new modern 50s influnced fashion. Many talented designers are able to indicate the past, but the silhouette gives much fashion-forward picture.

Blumarine ss07 - shows its best chic clothing

Christian Dior ss07 - the mix of late fifties boxes cut & modern sleeve detailing

Bottega Veneta aw08 makes late fifties fitted cut much more effortless!

In the mood of dressing up, I thought I'd play with some my outfits that are sorts of influenced by fifties but shows much more of my own definition... I was going to model myself, but God, I don't why I'm useless in front of camera. I like mix & match, which is really important for 1) I cannot afford keep buying new things, so I have to "utilise" them ; and 2) I have kept too many clothes (so if I don't play with it, it will sleep in my wardrobe).

  • My Early 50s influenced Wardrobe
Top: Gucci Mohair Jumper
Skirt: Chanel Polka Dot Silk Skirt
Belt: Alexander McQueen Padlock Belt

Do you like this little brooch? That's my Chanel clip-on earring.

Top: Burberry Prorsum
Skirt: Chanel

  • My Mid & Late 50s influenced Wardrobe

Top: Gucci Mohair Jumper
Skirt: My cutiest Moschino

Hello u!

Top: Chanel
Skirt: Alexander McQueen

Top: Chanel
Skirt: Paul Smith Women

Top: Chanel
Skirt: Louis Vuitton
Brooch: Prada

Top: Matthew Williamson
Skirt: Louis Vuitton with the beautiful little bow at the back

Top: Moschino Jacket - always pick me up in the morning
Skirt: Louis Vuitton


enc said...

This was an excellent post, too. I really like all these looks, and share your fascination/love for the eras represented in the photos. You have great taste.

(Thanks for visiting me, btw.)

Times of Glory said...

Thank you for commenting. It is really nice of you. I'm so new to this and don't quite know how, but guess what, some of my posts have been copied by 2 "charming" people.

Have been loving your blog for a while now, but always as a reader... Thank x

Anonymous said...

Brilliant post. Very inspiring and interesting. Keep it up!


All of these 1950's women are very glamorous. But you know what?? You fit right in, perfectly. With your beautiful shoes, face and hair do's. I love your blog. Thanks for your comments.
ps: we will try to take more outdoor pictures tomorrow, too rainy today :(
and we may go see a film at the theatre, maybe take photos there too?