Monday, 7 April 2008

I'm not a Shoe Girl!

Girls, how many pair of shoes do we really need, no, acutally I should ask how many pairs we want? I am not a shoe girl, but surprisingly, I have “discovered” so many pairs of shoes that I bought not long ago but still managed to forget about. Maybe because of too many things in my closet, some of the beauties have never been worn at all, dear dear me … but really why every week I still find a new target?

1. Christian Louboutin aw07 Black Suede Lady Gres Peep Toe - they are just truely divine, everything done in a perfectly classy way.

2. Gucci ss06 Butterfly Platform - classy, comfy, easy going with various outfits, both for summer and winter. And the golden Gucci heels are just Rock&Roll!

3. Fendi aw06 Bronze Peep Toe - if you want something sharp, different yet classic, go for Fendi!

4. Chanel 03P 2 Tone Round Toe Lace-up - my long-time favourite, the 2-tone contrast and lace-up in front and even the shoe lace Chanel signature details in front just have something about it, and very chic, of course!

5. Alexander McQueen Beige High-Heel - I only don't wear this pair, in order to keep them in good condition, since they are a piece of art to me rather than a pair of shoes.

6. Christian Louboutin White Round Toe

7. Alexander McQueen aw06 Mock Lizard Boot - The shoes that only McQueen can do - the shape, the leather contrast, the quality and most of all, most of all, the attitude - don't you feel tempted? That’s exactly why I bought them.

8. Yves Saint Laurent aw07 2-Tone Bootie - they are stylish, not too bold, but speak for themselves in a unique way. To be very honest, they are not really comfortable compared to my plateform ones, but they look great!

9. 2 pairs of Vivienne Westwood aw07 Mock Croco Booties - These are special! I love them so much, so I purchased them in both black and red. Only Vivienne Westwood Gold Label can handmade these elevated boots. They are super comfy, to my surprise. Therefore, they haven't been forgotten, just too beautiful to be "ruined" sometimes. Black is perfect for any occation, and the dark burgundy red is too rare to miss.

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