Thursday, 17 April 2008

Dare to Be Different, Office Fashion!

I have received an email asking me about office outfit. Here, I am connecting fashion with your office routine, so maybe it is not quite conventional, but it will be much more inspirational. There are many rules for office wear, from colour (black - elegant; red - aggressive; navy - trustworthy and grey - conservative) to shape and even label. As you known that I am not a rule follower, I'd say among all these points, the one I would pay attenuation to is the cut - fit, fit and fit - that’s the first thing but often been neglected! If they are not fit probably, even it is “your colour” or it is Chanel, there is not much impact to make. For colour, I’d like to keep simple and avoid “logo” all over, which is particularly crucial if you are going to choose a trench coat. Also, make sure it is made from luxury fabrics (you have to wear it for at least 8 hours, so make sure the fabric is breathing and not easy to crease!)

We always pay a lot of attention to an interview or a first date, but what happen after we get jobs. Let’s be realistic that many people are judgemental. From what you wear, your colleagues and your boss probably guess how you feel today; if you are neat and clean; and maybe even your social status. Sound ridiculous? Sorry, but sometimes that’s true. The position is that you want people think you are just right, a bit effort but not too much (Effortlessly stylish is not really for office, but too much effort may potentially cause other colleagues jealousy or even isolation). Girls, these are the list that I guess what you really need.

  • Skirt Suit: Try a properly tailed jacket and not-too-short pencil skirt – you will look sexy all the sudden, but in a disciplined way! Think about 1950s tailored suit, think about sexy librarian, not a mortgage negotiator please! If you want to be even more glamour, then go for a fitted cut office dress.

(Suit: Yves Saint Laurent; Blouse: Alexander McQueen)

(Dress: 07aw Paul Smith)
  • Trouser Suit: The art of trouser suit is about proportion and where you want to draw attenuation to. Try your trousers on with your heels and make sure it is the right length. Also, I don’t encourage wearing a long jacket which often happens. It can easily shorten your legs a little. If you really want to hide your bottom, opt for skirt suits, since it will probably show your curve better.
  • Blouse: Choose the ones with some details on the buttons/collars/cuffs, which are the places you often show. Also make sure it fits nicely, since you may take off your jacket.

(Blouse: Alexander McQueen)

  • Polo Neck: For a slightly relaxed and more casual look, sometimes you can wear a polo neck. Cashmere is nice, but maybe a bit delicate. For more durable choices, go for cashmere & silk mix for summer; wool & cashmere mix or cashmere & silk mix for winter.
  • Lingerie: It is not about frills or laces, but you really need underwear with good cut and material to look better. Even a pair of firm control tights will make your pencil skirt look sexier.
  • Accessories: A good belt/scarf is a long-term investment - a small thing reveals lots of details.
(Blouse & Belt: Alexander McQueen; Skirt: Dolce & Gabbana)

What’s more? I guess you then need to have a good haircut that you can easily take care of and manicure in a classic colour. Oh, always polish your shoes and bag! Bag, you need a “female boss” bag, I like my Chanel 2.55 Large, Alexander McQueen Novak Bag and my truly beloved Chanel 50th Anniversary 2.55 Jumbo. Girls, invest a little on bags. A high-street bag or fake copy does not last. The quality is far less durable. Think about how much we spend on food, rental or mortgage! Once you have these basic pieces, you will love them for years to come and be inspirational and play with them!

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