Saturday, 5 April 2008

Butterfly with Louis Vuitton

When it comes to hair accessories, I don’t usually spend much, since I always think simplicity is the best. A nice and natural hair-colour, a classic hair-cut and some shine spray will do all the tricks for me. However, my weakness kicks in when I see beautiful things AT EVERY SINGLE TIME without fail. This is a limited edition Louis Vuitton butterfly leather hair barrette. I don’t usually like to show much Louis Vuitton Monogram, to be very honest – at least not on my head. I want to think of Louis Vuitton in great design and quality rather than monogram print everywhere (apart from their huge trunks).

However, this monogram has been discreetly stamped on the top-quality leather, and the stiff barrette has natural wood pointer to hold your hair perfectly in place and its signature LV is engraved at the end in gold. Did I really need it? Not actually. Did I have to have it? Yes, definitely.

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