Saturday, 3 May 2008

Got Over Skinny Jeans Yet?

Recently, I was reading an article on a newspaper claiming “the least flattering trend is finally over”! Since I am not really a trend follower, I have to put a little post here - a post is not really about creative fashion… umm… more like talking about basic pieces that you have to wear in “boring” places, perhaps like college. Actually, I want to say that you can spice them up and look super duper cool, i.e. a stable piece not too cool for school. Yes, I want to talk a bit on skinny jeans.

Oh, not again, please. I guess that you have heard a lot about jeans, and know more than a dozen of brands. Still, many of us complain that we need to loose a couple of pounds before wearing a pair of skinny jeans. Actually, a really good pair should refine your body shape after putting them on – a few of notes:

1. If you are after a super slim look, you’d better not to choose “spray-on” jeans or cigarette-leg shape. Suggestion? Go for Superfine Harry jeans rather than Liberty. The straight-leg skinny jeans elongate your legs perfectly by teaming a pair of heels - make sure the length of the jeans can just cover your heels, not showing too much your heels (close toes in the similar colour to your jeans will do a better trick).

From left to right: Superfine Harry (just cover your heels and elongate your legs perfectly); Superfine Sister (little kicks narrow your ankle & hide your heels);
& Citizen of Humanity Skinny (great for ballerina flats but too narrow to cover your heels)

Examples that we want to carry: as seen on Scarlett Johansson, Victoria Beckham & Kate Moss

Examples that are hard to carry: as seen on Victoria Beckham & Kate Moss
That 1 - 2 inches above your ankle can separate your legs a little

2. Depending on what you are looking for, branding can be very important, as many of them have registered patterns that are basic to ensure your body shape. Few brands I like.
  • Superfine – no-fuss jeans with the best shape forming. It is much more than that 2% lycra – we don’t want to see its shape changing or become 1 size bigger after wearing them for a couple times, right? The fine fabric, which also has unique shape holding ability, is just superb for the summer.

  • Ksubi – fine fabric and cool little details makes the jeans look more like personalised skinny trousers

  • Earl Jean – a wide ranges of cuts and fabrics with various fabulous details

  • Citizen of Humanity – best for vintage feel, little details make the casual jeans feel much more luxury!

3. We usually picture skinny jeans in a relaxed or effortless look. However, it can be worn in a much more glamous way. This is the point in which you can make the skinny jeans much more personal and mixed into your own style. Remember when Tara Subkoff called Scarlett Johansson to open the show for Imitation of Christ ss06.

It may not be the most flattering way of wearing skinny jeans, but it gives a unique, retro and "pin-up" girl going modern feel, right? Basically, imagine your skinny jeans as a pair of fitted slim-cut trousers, so now you can team it with blazers, ruffle blouses or sweet little tops. Therefore, we also love the followings

Kate Bosworth's slick jacket makes the jeans look much polished.

Gwen Stefani: White Shirt, Red Tartan & Black Skinny - a school girl goes sexy

Scarlett Johansson wears Skinny Jeans as Leggings for Transparent Baby Doll Tops

Gwen Stefani teams a check shirt, black woolly cardigan, skinny jeans & a 2-inch wide belt

Well, I'm not sure if you are prepared to get over skinny jeans yet, but for me, they have a long and beautiful way to go.


Anonymous said...

Oh very informative - thank you so much for your nice posting.

enc said...

I still like 'em, and I will still wear them for as long as I can get away with it.

Easy Child said...

Tis is a brilliant post! I love Kate Bosworth's slick style. You did a great job to classify them and explain so clearly!!!!!