Monday, 12 May 2008

Come to Gian Paolo Barbieri Exhibition with Me

I have wanted to go to Gian Paolo Barbieri Exhibition at Paul Smith Mayfair store for so long. However, I have been so busy and nearly missed this exhibition. At the very last minute, I made it. And I really hope you enjoy reading this, since it is such a rare chance ... ...

I have always admired the works of Gian Paolo Barbieri who is one of the top photographers in the fashion industry. He has incredible eyes for fashion, nature and art - mixing the characteristics and
individualities of his model no matter it nature or a famous face with art. Famously, he joined Italian Vogue and produced the cover of its first issue in 1965, and he has then worked for Italian, French, American and German Vogue and with many great designers from Valentino, Armani, Yves Saint Laurent to Vivienne Westwood. Thus, I have to go to have a look. 15 pieces of his iconic work are exhibited and each print is in editions of 7 and signed by Barbieri. Prices:

Edition 1 – 3 GBP3,800

Edition 4 – 5 GBP5,200

Edition 6 – 7 GBP6,400

Even we cannot afford any of them, we can still absorb a lot of inspiration from these incredible photographs. I have to say that every piece is just awesome. Back in 70s, these photos require much more work. Many of the “air brushing” was manually done by hand, e.g. hand painting enlarge models’ eyelashes.

  • At the Gian Paolo Barbieri private view on April 22, 2008

From left to right: Gian Paolo Barbieri, Paul Smith and photographer David Bailey

P.S. At the age of 70, Gian Paolo Barbieri looked amazing.
Apparently, the suit he was wearing is the one he got in 60s and he can still fit in perfectly.

Paul Smith and his wife

Photographs: View Images

OK, let's go in have a good look! I always love this unique shop, which displays many unique vintage pieces that Paul Smith has collected during his travelling around the world, from jewellery to large furniture. Even the wallpaper is from 1940s...

Cute Panda Sculpture with that cute cupcake

  • The work displayed
  1. Anjelica Huston, Portrait, 1973 - The centre of this exhibition

    “This beauty shot was produced in my studio in Milan in 1973 for Walter Albini. I remember that Anjelica was extremely knowledgeable in the use of cosmetics and that she did her own particular green makeup."

  2. Anjelica Huston, Yellow Dress, 1972

    “This was printed in 1972 in Rome for a press maison Valentino. In this period, Anjelica was in search of her identity and I remember was extremely sensitive and fragile; we established a beautiful friendship.”

  3. Audrey Hepburn in Black Hood, 1975

    I have a wonderful memory of Audrey Hepburn….the image was taken in Valentino’s atelier in Rome for Vogue Italia in 1975 and I had no clothing available, only shawls. This was a “Gazar di Ahbraham” and because of its rigidity I was able to create this particular “hood”.

  4. Audrey Hepburn in White 1975

    Scarves in white Gazar…… the photograph was taken in Rome in Valentino’s studio for Vogue in 1975, (but never published). Audrey Hepburn arrived with a tiny purse and told me: “Barbieri, I brought my slippers with me so I was sure not to dirty your white background."

  5. Ingrid Boulting, Maglia Rossa / Red Jumper 1974

    “Ingrid was particularly photogenic, and this photo was produced for a Revlon Europe Campaign in 1974. I was always on the lookout for new ideas; I remember using my scarf to create her headscarf, with lateral knots inspired by the ways of them farmwives in times past.”

  6. Ivana Bastianello, “Collana di Coralli” / Coral Necklace, 1969

    “It was the year 1969 and Ivana, very shy, had consented to be graphed topless. Coppola e Toppo had created these jewels for a Valentino collection and I remember in particular that her sad reflection, almost but not quite absent, was due to the fact that she had recently broken up with her boyfriend."

  7. Tattooed Torso, Tahiti, 1989, Robinet d’Amour

    “This completely tattooed torso was photographed in Tahiti in 1989 in a room of the hotel I was staying in….. I was struck by the graphic design and writing above his public line 'Robinet d’Amour'”.

  8. Sail Fish, Madagascar, 1994

    “I was on a beach in Madagascar 1994 where we had stopped after a go a fishing trip and had caught an array of fish, sharks and this sail fish; the idea came to me to have one of companions enter the water with this fish on his shoulders. I remember that I had my Rolliflex very close to the waves and ended up getting it soaked!”

  • Other famous work done by Gian Paolo Barbieri (Not in this exhibition)


Siljesfashion said...

Love that picture of Angelica Huston in the yellow dress. And Audrey off course! Lovely.

stilettostetico said...

Ingrid Boulting is like the ancestor of "Baby face Beauties" , a pretty Doll with a pirate headscarf : Or a subtle contrast, especially with this enlightened red jumper : a sensual hand to hand with subliming clothes !!! Ivana Bastianello's
coral necklace is delightfuly exuberant, perfectly in harmony with Vogue Italy's traditional creative extravagance !!! And for Gian Paolo Barbieri's work "hors exhibition", Sculptural transparency and Feline magnetism : a Sulfurous "Black § White" cocktail !!!
Frankly a Great tribute for a Great artist !!!

Cordially, Antoine

Times of Glory said...

To Siljesfashion: I really love Angelica Huston. Her face has strong and unique feature. Her yellow Valentino dress matched her makeup perfectly (her pink eyeshadow)!

Audrey Hepburn just looks so elegant all the time even though she's only wearing a scarf in both pictuers.

Times of Glory said...

To Stilettostetico: Hello Antoine, thanks for such a nice comment. When I first saw Ingrid Boulting, she reminds me 1960s model, Twiggy! They both have soft and innocent baby-face beauty!

What makes Ingrid Boulting different is her deeper facial expression. For me, she has more characteristics. Barbieri managed to capture her beauty in this beautiful portrait. By the way, she's a yoga teacher in US now...

Cait said...

Fabulous artwork. Very cool post.

atelier said...

Ingrid Boulting reminds me Blair (Gossip GIrl) in a way... What an interesting post!! you're so lucky to have had the chance to be there!

Kira Fashion said...

so nice!!!

i love expositions!!!

a kiss!!!

see you,

Anonymous said...

These photos are incredible. I have a feeling your blog will make me late for uni, you post some fantastic stuff :)

Romeika said...

I've never seen these Audrey shots, how beautiful they are, and the stories behind each of them.. Also never had seen the ones with Anjelica Huston, as a matter of fact, I've never really seen any modeling shot of hers, and I knew she used to be a model. Just beautiful, and how amazing she did her own green make-up.

Cate said...

wow, this work is amazing! i like it so much more when the eyelashes were painted by hand to enlarge, not by "modern technologies"

wow, hat off to gian paolo barbieri that he still fits in his suit from the 60s! i like the suit.

i loved the photos, and paul smith's collection is so interesting! the wallpaper is awesome!

the anjelica huston portraits are really stunning, and audrey hepburn is elegant as ever! ingrid boulting's eyes are huge, wow!!! and ivana bastianello's hair... i would never have a tattoo but that tattooed torso is pure art. and woooow, that fish in the next picture is HUGE!!! in short, i would have loved to see this exhibition.

Times of Glory said...

Thank you for all your guys commenting! Your words rock! I'm extremely happy that you enjoyed this exhibition. You really made my day! Thanks for all your supporting :)