Friday, 16 May 2008

Shop With Me - Koh Samui Boutique

If you ask me if there is any girly pretty shop that you must go for a visit, I will definitely bring you to this long established heavnish boutique down Covent Garden - Koh Samui. It has been opened since 1994, and remains as one of best fashion boutiques. For sure, it is one of my favourite shop around whole London. Actually, it is favoured by many fashionistas from Keira Knightley to Kelly Brook.

Koh Samui Boutique
65-67 Monmouth Street
Covent Garden
London WC2H 9DJ

Tel: 020 7240 4280

What’s the fuss about?

You may have been to many boutiques in
London, but this one is surely unique from others. From the shop fitting to the collections they carry, everything is simply chic, elegant and delicious! As soon as you walk in the shop, you feel like that you have arrived in the fashion wonderland. Buyer Paul Sexton has innovatively selected a great mixture of labels from high-end Missoni, Chloé, Matthew Williamson and Marc Jacobs, to a line of up-and-coming designers, to hand picked exclusive vintage pieces sourced from all over the world. The boutique also stores lots of girly pieces from reasonably priced jewellery (including fascinator and masquerade ball masks) to cute lingerie. The stuff they have is really not about the price or trend but to reflect the style, uniqueness, inspiration and a top-class shopping entertainment.

For your easiness, they also do alteration, mail order and their online shopping will open in 2 months time. Sounds good? Let's go in to have a look!

What’s more?

In my opinion, a crucial point that keeps me coming back to a boutique is its service. In Koh Samui, staffs are genuinely nice and helpful. I have been shopping here for years and every single girl knows the shop inside out. It is extremely important when you look for some particular piece or some fashion savvy ideas.

  • Fashionista No 1. Laura - Laura has a girly but cool style. The little strapless dress teamed with white ribbon on her hair is just pretty and refreshing!

Dress: Paul & Joe Sister £211
Shoes: Marc by Marc Jacobs £131

  • Fashionista No 2. Emma - Emma is a modern classic beauty! If you look for some fresh fashion tips, she'll be a great person to help! Her summer style is fun and girly yet classy!

Dress: See by Chloé £328
Shoes: Chloé £400

  • Fashionista No 3. Jade - Jade is so sweet and cute. She outfit has that innocently pretty look and that emphasises her own beauty perfectly! This pattern of the tunic dress is very individual and its colour is just extremely eye-catchy and pretty!

Dress: See by Chloé £322
Shoes: Chloé £318

Outfits of the Moment?

Seriously, there are too many pretty things. I only have a limited amount of time to show you some of them… Girls have helped me to pick up some gorgeous pieces and Emma has modelled for me all way through. Therefore, a BIG "thank you" to all the staffs in Koh Samui :)

  • Outfit 1 : A Pretty College Chic

Blouse: Paul & Joe £176 - the beautiful frill in the classic black & white is just timeless;
Shorts: Twenty8twelve - a big bow tied in front perfectly matched the
& simple cut gives the slimming effect;
Shoes: Rupert Sanderson - patent & red? My fashion weakness kicks in;
Bag: Marc Jacobs Frame Bag - The hard-to-get red sequines are just divine!

  • Outfit 2 : Girl about Town

Dress: Dries Van Noten Floral Tunic - a dress that speaks for you and for itself
Beautiful water-painted flowers show that the girl is individual, romantic, modern & artistic!
Bag: Marc Jacobs Bruna Tote £788
Shoes: Pedro Garcia - comfy plateform mary-jane in seductive dark lilac
Sunglasses: Pucci - BEAUTIFUL vintage look sunglasses

  • Outfit 3: A Sexy Little Fairy

Top: Dries Van Noten
Skirt: Vintage £129 Bow, Lace & Baby Blue - whatelse you need to become a fairy
Shoes: Marc Jacobs £292 - I love this 2-tone combination - pretty & delicious
Necklace: Gemma Lister £74 - An elegant rope with oblong pink calcite beads dangling off the end with mini gold beads. A useful piece to create a effortlessly chic look
Bag: the sweetest original 1950s Butterfly Boxy Bag

  • Outfit 4: 1920s Flapper Look

Dress & Hat: 1920s Vintage - the dress in nude lace and hat in antique gold creates a flirty little girl look
Shoes: Rupert Sanderson £340
Bag: 1930s Vintage

  • Outfit 5: Fairytale Princess

Dress: 1950s Vintage Prom Dress - Jade's favourite dress in the shop at the moment
Beautiful silk organza teamed with seriously romantic roses in lilac, purple print & bow detailing in front ------ Superb!
Bag: Paul & Joe £135
Shoes: Chloé £318

I really hope you enjoy reading this post, and if you are in London, pop in have a look this rather rare boutique... I'm sure you will fall in love it as soon as you step in the shop x


Anonymous said...

Ooooh beautiful... I love Emma she's really amazing.

Stardust said...

The clothes are so...pretty. I remember this shop but haven't been back for a while. Thanks for reminding, I will definitely pop in to have a look!

July Stars said...

Hey, thanks for popping by my blog and leaving a comment (which is how I discovered you). I absolutely adore Koh Samui: it has to be one of my fav boutiques in London and I've been shopping there for years and years. The owners are so lovely and the pieces they buy are always spot on... Love what you did to present the shop, with pics, styling etc. I'm definitely going to follow your blog news.

Chloe said...


This is an amazing shop. Really fancy the last dress. I will definitely pay a visit over the weekend!

Nice post! xx

Dotti said...

You're just amazing. This post is the best I've ever read. Just the reight blend: Entertaining, eyecandy and a great service. How did you take the time? And how did you persuade the girls, which are beaties by the way, modelling?

stilettostetico said...

Even if i come from the North of France (near Lille) , I unfortunately never went to London . . . BUT it is another excellent reason for going there !!! I want to live a sulfurous Fairy Tale with the Delicious Emma !!! Enchanting Ambassadress full of "chameleonic Elegance" . . . All the subtle and creative art of "Fashion-mixes" : Because "Vintage Style" is Timeless !!! Like a "Fashionissime" paradox . . .
Great Tribute to this Store Dear !!!

A Bientot, Antoine

Romeika said...

My fav is definitely the flapper look, so pretty! This store looks like a dream, but I'm afraid what they sell goes beyond my current budget :-)

Times of Glory said...

To Nadine: Thank you my dear for your comment. The shop is very pretty and all the staffs are so nice and super stylish!

To Stardust: I'm glad that you enjoyed this post and yes I'd recommend you going back, as they have new stocks often.

To July Stars: Thank you for stopping by and leave such a sweet comment. I'm really happy that we both love this shop - a little London treasure!

To Chloe: I also love this dress so much... It's definitely a rare find!

To Dotti: Darling Dotti, you words made my whole week! The girls are really really lovely and spending time in Koh Samui Boutique is just luxury!

To Stilettostetico: Darling Antoine, you always leave the sweetest comment. I'm so glad that you love the shop and Emma... She's such a pretty girl with a great sense of fashion humour!

To Romeika: I really cannot think of second shop in London that carry high-end brands and great vintage together. Darling, you may be surprised that they also carry all the pretty accessories at great prices! And the endless inspiration that the boutique brings is priceless!

French Dream said...

Thank you so much for this post! I have been searching "boutique reviews" for a day, since I will travel to London in 3 weeks time.

This is the BEST review! It shows everything. I totally love this boutique and especially the stuffs they carry match my style perfectly! They do vintage as well? Amazing!

I will go there for sure to spend a girly afternoon. A big big thank you, well done!

Jimena said...

I wish I lived in London, it just seems like a constant fashion inspiration. Absolutely beautiful. Shopping in Peru is hard beyond description...

I haven't seen a thing in that shop (from what I can tell looking at the pictures) that I would not love wearing.

Times of Glory said...

To Jimena, thanks darling for your lovely comment. I understand that. The good news is that Koh Samui will have online shopping very soon and I will update the news once it's on xx

stilettostetico said...

ps: "Simple focus-parenthesis" . . .The creative combination of Pastel-colorful High-Heels and refined Pink pants is . . .Euuuuhh . . . delightfully woozy (Beads of Sweat . . .) a subtle "esthétique de Boudoir" , with sulfurous effluents . . . Or a "greedy" finery for Sensual BODY !!! How to sublimate "Fashionista"'s Nudity . . .

A Bientot, Antoine

Tavi said...

Wow, those outfits are just perfect! I think my favorite is the flapper one. And to have a store where they sell big name designer brands!! This was a great post! And if I ever go to London, I will definitely stop by and hopefully buy something by Marc Jacobs or Cloe...

The Seeker said...

Dear what a great review.
Love the store, the girls, the inspirations... it's really a great post.
I was in London some time ago, I wish I knew that store...

I've talk about you in my blog ;)


Times of Glory said...

To Tavi: So glad that you like this store! If you are a Marc Jacobs or Chloe girl, it is really worthy to pop in x

To Seeker: Thank you so much for the comment. I'm glad that you love the store. So hopefully you will find something in that store next time you are in London.

Winn said...

Wow, I really want to pop in and have a look the next time I'm around in London! Great Review :)

Easy Child said...

Wowwwwwwww! This shop is so so so so brilliant! I think I heard it before, but didn't know it is this pretty and they sell this great ranges of clothing! In fact, I will pop in today. Thanks you for this GREAT review!

Fleurette said...

Thank you SO MUCH for sharing this lovely shop! I gotta go there soon when I'm in London!

Btw, great blog. :-D

Siljesfashion said...

Great post!!! I will be sure to save this for when I hopefully go to London this fall.

vogued out!!! said...

Beautiful dresses. All of them are awesome.

Kira Fashion said...

really awsome!

a kiss

Times of Glory said...

To Winn: Thank you darling and I'm glad that you like it :)

To Fleurette: Thank you so much for a lovely comment and pleased that you love it x

To Siljesfashion: Thank you & glad you enjoyed the post!

To Vogued out!!!: Thanks, darling!

To Kira Fashion: Thanks, Kira!

Charlotte said...

Every fashionista's styling is cute and special! Love them all and a compliment for the pictures. Every one is great and might be published in a fashion magazine.

enc said...

As much as I love these posts about fabulous stores in London, they drive me crazy, because I can't shop in them! :)

Lovely post, as usual.

Anonymous said...

I was googling Koh samui and wanted to acsess their online shop because I live in sweden but _I fell in love with the shop last time I visited london.
But I couldn't acsess the online store. Isn't open all the times? if not, do you know when it will open?
Love from sweden!

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