Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Vest, Vest, Vest Me!

I wasn’t going to say much on “vest trend” this season, since many talented bloggers have talked about a bit, but I was thinking that we really deserve something new for vest apart from the usual slick or effortlessly cool style. Therefore, I want to put up some great vests from this season by various designers for you guys.

P.S. As you known, I am not intend to encourage you catching up this trend. Rather, I just want to show a few ways of styling. And if you want to get a vest, then you can have one in your own style :)
  • Tuxedo Vest

Borrow from your boyfriend? No, we can get better than the usual borrowing with our very own tuxedo shaped vests - masculine, slick and totally women-in-power modern goddesses. It reminds me when Yves Saint Laurent first designed their Tuxedo blazer!

You can team the hip-length vests with variously calibrated high-waisted, ankle-cropped trousers, floaty skirts or slim dresses to create the new volumes, particularly if you can play with fabrics in contrasting texture! Remember, make sure you still define your waist. Lots of them were worn open, but I guess we can always play with different outfits!

6267 ss08

6267 ss08

Richard Nicoll ss08

Malo ss08

  • Soft Focus
We always wear vests with jeans, shorts or boho dresses occationally. However, we can really make vest much softer and more romantic. It can be your best mate for floaty dresses and play your cuteness around! I'm thinking to layer it with a top with some details down the sleeves, which can be silk & cashmere mix or a pastel coloured dress...

Remember this picture of Sienna Miller attending her sister's wedding? We can try cotton vest with silk chiffon dress to make it even more English Garden Party :)

Marta Berzkalna - love the contrasting of the bustline & coloured shoes

BCBG Max Azria - defined waist & the bow gives the soft-touch

Ralph Lauren ss08 - for me this is new romantic, the elegant look with fun trouser

  • Fun Vest
Vest can be young, fun and chic! Yes, accessorise your vest... maybe some vintage brooches? Mix the bold colour to spice it up - like a college chic! Even it is an old old vest, we can create a feel - a young girl who stole a vest from her grandma's wardrobe and makes it totally her own!

Marc by Marc Jacobs ss08 - What a great idea!
Actually we can grab any scarf and tie it into a bow for an innovation for any boring vest !

Anna Sui ss08

Etro ss08

  • Defined Vest - Belt it
The one that has been centre of the attention is to belt your vest! You can use a wide, narrow, leather or straw belt. Be imaginative – no need matchy-matchy! Let’s show our waist with whatever can make you happy!

Salvatore Ferragamo - a classy lady goes modern!

Proenza Schouler ss08

Proenza Schouler ss08

Proenza Schouler ss08

Proenza Schouler ss08

Another Proenza Schouler Cult - but what I love about Sarah Jessica Parker (as Carrie Bradshaw in the new Sex and the City: the Movie) is that she made the vest totally her own! The lemon yellow vest is much more showy with the greyish blue skirt, and the cut and structure was also presented beautifully with the
short & floaty cut of the skirt... and her hat! How bold and beautiful!

Great! I hope you enjoy reading it and style your vest in your own fabulous way! Have a fun vest day!


The Seeker said...

I'm in love with the feminine/masculine vest trend.
You give such good "tips" and show great pictures.
Thank you for sharing your information.


Times of Glory said...

To The Seeker: I'm so glad you like it. Thank you so much for such a nice comment xx

Charlotte said...

The choice of outfits and stylings is the same I would do. My favourites are the hair-do of the model on the first picture and the etro outfit.

Cate said...

i like the tuxedo vest trend - and i couldn't even borrow from a boyfriend if i had one - i don't even know a guy who has a tuxedo vest ^^

i really like wearing vests with boho dresses. i didn't know that picture of sienna miller yet but i like her look very much here.

and vintage brooches on the vest sound absolutely great, i have to try this!

and i'm happy you like my pink nailpolish!!!

Times of Glory said...

To Charlotte: I'm glad that I've get you approved:) Thanks for the comment x

To Cate: Thanks for such a sweet comment. I'm really glad that you have enjoyed this trendspotting!

Luna said...

Oh wow..I'm not really into trends and stuff like that..because I'm always late. Haha, but the other day I was thinking of stuff that maybe could be a trend again, and vests what came to my mind. I'm ALWAYS late. aaah. Haha:)

Times of Glory said...

To Luna: Don't worry! I'm not on trend either. Half of my time is in 1940s and the other half is probably in 1950s.

I put this post on, since I notice that many girls are looking for a vest now. Fashion always has something new, and all we need to do is to make the new things becoming our own (if they suit us). Don't you think?

Kira Fashion said...

i have a vest from Zara that i love, i was wanting so bad when i bought and it´s ones of my favourites pieces of my wardrobe!

a kiss and a hug!

as usual, gorgeous post!
see you,

A Little Bit Mad in Fashion said...

Thank you for such a useful post. I have a couple of old vests that I really don't know how to innovate them... I did read some of the magazines, but the tips they gave are very specific - a bit telling what to do.

Yours are more inspirational - like an idea but I can then work on my own! Now I will try some of your ideas. A SERIOUSLY great post and thanks :)

vogued out!!! said...

So Marc Jacobs take on the vest is my favorite. The long ones are cute and can be suprisingly dressy/feminine/romantic. thanks for posting.

enc said...

I still love the vest. I don't care if it's OH-VAH!