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Poshie East End - Start London

Imagine that you were a little up-town child who had only seen pretty dolls on television. One day, your mum finally took you to a huge toy store in the city, thinking Hamley's of London or Toy “R” Us. Now, tell me how you would feel the first minute you walked in the Dolls Department… That’s how I felt exactly as soon as you walked in START Women - the excitement, the fashion simulation and, of course, the rock & roll!

42-44 Rivington Street

Tel: 020 7729 3334

What’s the fuss?

Opened by a former cult rock star, Brix Smith-Start, and her cool partner, Philip Start, the truly quirky and individual Shoreditch boutiques offer an extensive amount of clothes for stylish women and men. Since its open in October 2002, it has expanded from 1 to 3 boutiques: Men’s, Women’s and Tailoring & Made-to-Measure stores. They have also launched the fabulous online store since June 2007, but please stay tuned, as START will re-launch a new site towards the end of June 2008.

START boutiques have best been known for its wide range of women’s and men’s and denim from Nudie, J Brand, Acne, Earnest Sewn to Superfine. And Brix is just a pure fashion genius. She personally attends all the important fashion shows and use incredibly sharp fashion sense to discover talented new designers besides buying high-end fashion labels.

Therefore it is official that START has some exclusive stuffs to shop! When I say “exclusive”, it really means the only place in London you can find those stylish pieces. So next time if you see any rock star having some cool clothes on, you know where you should head for! By the way, these stuffs are excellently priced! Can’t wait? Let’s go in to have a great look!

  • Upstair - 1st Room: the cool yet welcoming interior, the brilliant jeans corner plus all the new discoveries of Brix...

  • Upstair - 2nd Room: pretty shoe shelf & stylish sunglasses cabinet (I'll show you in a minute), some of START heavyweight labels, the jewellery & accessory tables and the beautiful cosmetics corner....

  • Downstair - A very romantic and chic room stored full of stylish and quirky brands like Miu Miu. Seriously, even their wallpaper and fitting rooms just have so much more character! Obviously, it shows Brix and Phillip's cool taste.

Secret No 1. - OLIVINA NAPA VALLEY pampering body care collection has just joined START beauty counter! They have been featured in many major magazines from Vogue, InStyle to NYLON! Finally, START has brought them into London on 23rd May!

Inspired by the natural beauty of the wine country of northern Californina, its foundation ingredients are as organic as you can imagine - hand-pressed, anti-oxidant olive and grape seed oils. Olivina has absolutely refreshing, seductive and earthy unisex scent.

  • Meet the Style Guru
Secret No 2. - The dress that Brix was wearing will be featured on both British and Australian Vogue next month - 3.1 Phillip Lim ss08! START is the stockist!

Dress: 3.1 Phillip Lim £449
Shoes: Miu Miu £245

Dress: Rick Owen - Brix's true love £765
Shoes: Miu Miu £245

  • The lovely, stylish and super helpful staffs - Sorry, I didn't have time to feature all the staffs, but truely they are a DREAM team :)
1. Charlotte - She has that effortlessly chic look and knows the shop inside out! If you need any fashion help, she will be more than happy to show you around!

Dress & Shoes: Vintage
Bag: Mulberry in delicious fuschia £595

2. Kelly - She's a very lovely girl who has the nature love and know-how for fashion! She helped me modelling all way through xx

- Outfit 1

Coat: Miu Miu £945 - Do we have to say anything? They speak for themselves!
Bag: Miu Miu - The colour is purely divine and the leather is soft yet durable!
Shoes: Chloe £259 - The silk satin and the cute little heel give a edgy yet sweet look.
Legging: ZOEtee's £49.50 - Super cool legging is a great alternaive to skinny jeans in summer!

- Outfit 2

Organza Cape: Miu Miu £719 - The quirky runway cape is just adorable from colour to cut!
Shoes: Chloe £259
Legging: ZOEtee's £49.50

- Outfit 3

Top: 3.1 Phillip Lim £210 - Yellow & Taupe Brown in Sheer Organza is just beautiful
Skirt: Rick Owen £210 - The King of easy cutting needs no explanation for every fabulous cut!
Sandals: Chloe - Bronzy colour and cute butterfly shape in front - you just need to have it!

- Outfit 4

Dress: Alice in Wonderland by Charles Anastase £399 - 1920s flapper look but much sweeter
(P.S. I like Charles Anastase who is a young French talent. He started as a fashion illustrator who has drawn for A.P.C. and Calvin Klein, and worked for many magazines. Thus, if you want something poetic, come to START!)
Shoes: Miu Miu £199 - patent leather mary-jane flat! Great for summer!

- Outfit 5

Dress: 3.1 Phillip Lim £495 - gives the perfectly innocent yet sensual "first date" look
Marc Jacobs £299 - Black £ white is simply classic!

- Outfit 6

Dress: Richard Nicoll £599 - The luxurious silk organza has been transformed into this individual look!
Studs Top (worn inside the dress): Richard Nicoll £365
Shoes: Miu Miu £185 - Red, patent and peep-toe is just to die for!

- Outfit 7

Secret No 3. - The dress is by Lunga De Fancy which is designed by 5 Japanese ladies. The style comes across Vivienne Westwood and Commes De Garcons... manufactured in Italy... everything is just well made to tip-top quality with love! The only place to buy Lunga De Fancy in London - START, START & START! Keira Knightley has just bought TWO the other day! So you will see the dress somewhere very soon in the paper :) Snap up quickly!

Dress: Lunga De Fancy £189.50 - The dress comes in white, black and grey - Keira Knightley got 2, so it must say something!
Shoes: ASH £115 - a wardorbe stable at a great price

- Outfit 8

Dress: Rick Owen £595 - Who else can really make the soft, thrown-on cut timeless?
Bag: Panric Sweeney - Brilliant Leather & Quirky Details
Shoes: Chloe £299

Last but not the least, it is Secret No. 4 - do you want to know all the secret sales from START? Then, join their mailing list online! The next one is coming very sooonnnnnnnnn..... Wherever and whenever you are, you can shop START online!


enc said...

I think my comment got lost.

Oh, if ONLY I lived in London . . . .

Times of Glory said...

To enc: My dear, they have listed everything online! If you join the mailing list, you will even get secret online sales notification :)

editor said...

oh the rick owens dress and the miu miu cape. especially the cape. <3<3<3

stilettostetico said...

And a very Charming "Dream Team" . . . I want to be helped by Charlotte !!! She literally exudes a lot of CLASS . . . and This kind of "Féminissimes" flat sandals is also like a real "Fetish-Pleasure" : Aaahhh, The delicate art of
"Feet exhibition" . . .
"Lady Brix" seems to be very charismatic, full of powerful eccentricity . . .
Another Great Tribute to a "London's Fashion Figurehead", Dear !!!

A Bientôt, Antoine

Anonymous said...

that store looks amazing

and thanks you for that LOVELY comment

The Seeker said...

Wow, dear, I think I would feel like a child in a candy shop.
I love all you picture and the outfits, awesome.
A great review as always.
And the mix of modern decoration with some classic pieces is so well achived.
Thank you darling for sharing with us.
I've read you telling enc that we can join the mailing list, I think that's what I'm going to do ;)

NYCGirl said...

Hello, I live in U.S., but love shopping in London... so much more character... I love Brix and of course, love this shop!

Can't believe it has online shopping... great! I will join the mailing list! Again, thank you so much! I seldom see a shop review as comprehensive and helpful as this! Well done!

Julian said...

Hey, how amazing! My partner and I are coming to London in 3 weeks time, so I was searching for all the shop reviews. This is the best!

Thank you so much for sharing this lovely information! I really love Start and its individual fashion! Totally love it, thanks :)

Fashion Tidbits said...

that backless 3.1 Phillip Lim dress is making me drool!

Dotti said...

Darling, and again such a nice review. I really wonder how you take the time and manage concepting and then writing and assemble such brilliant posts with all the hussle of daily life? What's your job actually? Kisses.

karla said...

i really am not a fan of eccentric prints but i LOVE LOVE LOVE the first dresss. and the yellow bag, such a classic style in such a bold color. great combo. LOVE THE BLOG!

Anonymous said...

The store is really fascinating. They sell such pretty clothes and the interior looks stunning!

BlossomClothing said...

outfit 6 is wonderous :)
so many clothes excites me!
hopefully i can visit little old london sometimes in the summer


Winnie said...

That striped dress and yellow bag are lovely. Must make a stop there when I'm next in the city.

That Kate Moss dress has almost entirely sold out online but then it's to be expected and yess, I have to get those red shoes as a post-exam treat!

Times of Glory said...

Thank you my stylish friends! I don't have time to reply all the comments one by one, but a MASSIVE "Thank You" to all of your interests, support and love, lots of lots of love xxxxxxxx

Héloïse J. said...

i'll keep this adress for the day that i'm coming in ldn again! it must be quite exciting!

Daniela said...

Hello, what a great post! I cannot believe that I have been living in London for years without noticing this amazing boutique!

I will FOR SURE join the mailing list, and pop in next week! It's great that they have cool clothing for both women and men, so my husband won't complain....

Darling, thank you so much for sharing this information! You are an angle! xxxx

July Stars said...

Kelly rocks, great model, great selection of clothes, great boutique review once again ... I love START and you certainly did it justice with this wonderful post. xx

Siri Malene said...

oooh this shop must be the collest store!! =) ..when ill come to london the next time ill be there!! ;)

Cate said...

hey dear,
such a great review with great photos!! if i ever go to london, these will be the first places i visit!

K.C. said...

I stopped by your blog and just couldn't stop reading about this review. Your world is so different from mine and I almost didn't comment. But, I was just drawn in to all of your descriptions. I was just inspired.

Even though I cannot be where you are or in the same situation, it helps me strive to look my best and want to be my best. Thank you for such a great blog. KC

Kira Fashion said...

wow, i love all i see here!

a kiss for you dear!!!
you are amazing!
thanks too for your care :)

see you!

Times of Glory said...

To Héloïse J.: I'm glad that you like it so much! You know that you can join the mailing list, so START will send you all the information for secret sales!

To Daniela: Thank you for the lovely comment! I'm happy that you like this store - it's truely a rare find in London!

To July Stars: My stylish dear, you shop in London... so you know the best xx

To Siri Malene: Darling you can shop it online! START has everything on its site. Make sure to join the mailing list, and you will get all the newsletters!

To Cate: Yes, please come to London! For START, it is worthy it :)

To K.C.: Thanks for stopping by and your touching and moving comment. I'm a bit speechless now... while I always believe that style comes from personality and confidence on how much you know yourself... of course, being a bit luxury can help a lot... Still, I hope the blog gives you some different views of styling... and you are more than welcome to come back regularly, since I will update when there is any sales... Thanks again for your visiting! Lots of love xx

Danz said...

All great clothing but I am in love with that red organza cape! Thank you so much for your great comment. That meant a lot coming from someone as stylish as you!

Aretha said...

What a beautiful store (and stylish clothes)...

Violetwired said...

The 3.1 Phillip Lim dress is just amazing. Thanks for the lovely inspiration in this post!

Miss at la Playa said...

wow, great post!
I need to go to London now

Romeika said...

The red miu miu cape is wonderful!!!

Times of Glory said...

To Danz: Thank you darling! I love that cape! It's such a clever piece, since cape is usually for autumn/winter. When Miu Miu did it light, it is just soooo mysterious and sexy, while still pretty easy going! Plus, that gorgeous red is just to die for!

To Aretha: True! That's why I love START so much. There are many clothing boutqiues in London, but the ones with true spirits are less and less... START rocks!

To Violetwired: Thank you my dear! Brix has picked all these amazing clothes with love and consideration! I love 3.1 Phillip Lim dress. Many of his clothes are just stylish and wearable x

To Miss at la Playa: Darling, welcome to London! I will more than happy to show you around! Before that, you can do START online shopping:)

To Romeika: That's right! I love that red cape so much.... from the organza fabric to the design xx

GinaA said...

Hi, I have been to START before when it was just open years ago... and actually almost forgot.

I was reading your site and have just realised that START has grown so much bigger... I definitely need to go back for a visit! Indeed, I think I will buy Olivina for my friend's birthday, as she hearts organic products... Great, actually going to join their mailing list in a minute... A big thank you for a great post!

Super Kawaii Mama said...

You certainly put a lot of work into your posts. What is it that you do for a living that allows you the time to do this as well? A truly excellent and comprehensive review.

Jane said...

Hi, I was searching for the place to buy jeans on Google and I came across your blog! I never realise there is such a great store for jeans in Shoreditch!

It will be so much easier for me to do a quick shopping after work, since I work in the city! I cannot believe how late I discover it... A massive thanks!

Ella said...

The shop is amazing! I have always shopped around west and central London, but this is MUCH MUCH BETTER! I have no idea of its existence, but hey, that's how we discover new things, right?

You are A STAR for sharing this info and your pictures make me feel that I'm already in the store! I just have to go!