Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Met Costume Institute Gala 2008 - The Fairytale Princesses

Meanwhile, there are beautiful fairytale princesses in the Constume Institute Gala 2008.
  • Kristin Davis in Michael Kors aw08 - The flash colour and jewel details made Kristin Davis' skin glowing; the shape elongated her figure beautiful; and the sweet bow detailing at the back suited her personality brilliantly!

  • Scarlett Johansson in Dolce & Gabbana - Newly engaged Scarlet looked truely like a fairytale princess from head to toe. The dress showed off her curvy figure beautifully, while managed to look elegant!

  • Michelle Monaghan by Gilles Mendel - the super sexy silhouette made her like a real mermaid. The dress and make up were just perfect together. So? I guess the dress worked for her!


La Petite Californienne said...

I love your coverage of the met ball. Michelle looked the best out out of these three! I loved the color of her dress.

Charlotte said...

Kristin Davis is pretty as usual. Michelle Monaghan – I haven’t heard about her before – is even better. You’re right, she’s curvy, sexy and elegant. Love her dress with these flowers over the shoulder very much.