Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Funky Quirky Hoxton

I haven't been shopping for a while, because first not many "to-die-for" things on the market right now (many retailers are waiting for the sales) and second I try to be good with money and my wardrobe space! However, I still pop into Hoxton Boutique to have a look and indeed they have some great stuff! And their new online shop will be launched very soon!

Hoxton Boutique
No. 2 Hoxton Street
N1 6NG
Tel: 020 7684 2083

What's the fuss about?
Hoxton Boutique opened in January 2000 and remains as one of the best kept secret down east end, London! It has some exclusive collections from Japan and great costume jewellery around the World! Let's go in to have a look, shall we?


The minute I walked into
Hoxton Boutique, I felt I'm in a trendy bar in the town but in stead of drinks, I'm simulated by all the cool and quirky clothes! The staffs are really nice and cool - one of the most important things for repeated customers!





Alison Whalley, the owner and designer, has a sharp eye for fashion. She has sourced a great mixture of clothes for both work and play, such as Isabel Marant, Hussein Chalayan, Margo London (very girly and sophiscated dresses with some English sense of humour, loved by Selma Blair, Maggie Gylenhall, Kirsten Dunst and so many more stylish girls!), Paul & Joe Sister, Bobi (a great jersey range) and +HOBO+ (Hoxton's own brand and sold world wide from France to Japan! Alison gives the comfortable jersey wear some new definition with young graphic print and romantic shapes!), and a huge collection of beautiful and GREAT PRICED custom jewellery!


Secret No1: The shop has been favoured by many buyers of high street retail chain - if you want to get somthing before the "trend" being copied or started, you know where you should head to! Also, the quality of their jewellery is amazing and everything is worked into detail! The great news is that once its new online boutique launched, you can buy these funky custom jewellery directly online!







Now, let's go into their vintage room to have a look - various vintage clothes and accessories! Oh, Secret No.2: There is a sale corner - where you can find half price Martin Margiela, Hussein Chalayan and so much more other brands? Hoxton Boutique!



Secret No.3: I keep the best secret to the last! The capsule collection of 250-items (only available in Europe) Andy Warhol by Pepe Jeans London has just arrived in Hoxton Boutique yesterday! Not even many Pepe Jeans own boutiques carry them!

The collection is for 2008 Fall, so Hoxton will get various design gradually from now on! The collaboration between Pepe Jeans London and Andy Warhol Foundation in New York has really captured his fashion-forward spirit - the carefully chosen print, the floaty silk and pure cotton and the 60's influenced cut is just everything we want to wear and keep! It has two themes, Pop (based on signed contracts of the artist) and Factory (allusion of Warhol's portraits), draws on his muses Edie Sedgwick and Candy Darling as inspiration.





Lovely Alison has helped me to model some great outfits available!

- Outfit 1.



Silk Floral Dress: Andy Warhol by Pepe Jeans London £159
Footless Tights: Johnathan Aston £10
Shoes: Vintage

- Outfit 2.


Black & White Strapped Dress: +HOBO+ £89
Black Heart Necklace: £23
Footless Tights: Johnathan Aston £10
Shoes: Vintage

- Outfit 3.



Black & White Silk Top: Andy Warhol by Pepe Jeans London £98
Black Skinny Jeans: Dr. Denim £45
Diamante Leopard Bangle: £35

- Outfit 4.


Polka Dots Dress: Franche Lippee £217
(the super cute Japanese brand - exclusive sold in Hoxton Boutique in the UK)
Black Skinny Jeans: Dr. Denim £45
Bag: Marc Labat

If you are ever in London, and wonder where to get cool and quirky cloth with some personality, then just pop in Hoxton Boutique, you will have all the answers :)


Dotti said...

Darling, I love your reviews.

ray said... looks great there.thanx for the the dresses and the accesories are amazingxx

autumn said...

oh wow. that made me miss London. been there twice last 2006. T_T cool accessories, cool clothes and style and cool pics. =]

thanks for dropping by to my page. ^^

July Stars said...

Oh la la, you are going round all the best boutiques in London. I've always loved the Hoxton Boutique for its costume jewellery and occasionally the clothes. Mmmm, I wonder which shop you will review next? Browns/Browns focus? Matches? Cochinechine?

Mel said...

I don't usually shop around East End, as my style is more down the girly side! Recently, I discovered your blog and find it really cool! You've got GREAT style!

When I read this post! I felt I've been to this store following your review and this store is so brilliant! Limited edition Andy Warhol is just must-have for me! I will just have to pop in the boutique this weekend to have a look!

P.S. You have the best shop review I have ever seen - detail, clear and helpful!

Miss at la Playa said...

what a cute shop! (the first one)

Anonymous said...

i love your your write ups of stores, very indepth but you make me said i dont live in london!

Marte said...

Wow, love the rings!

Sharon Rose said...

What a superb fashion emporium!! I've not been that way to shop, so I'll have to try and view it next time I'm round that way!!

Kira Fashion said...

Don´t tell me about sale off, i bought all i can aready, i don´t thing i gonna afford nothing for a while ..hehhehe

a kiss!

yiqin; said...

I LOVE all of the outfits! The first dress is so beautiful! Ahh I would love to go to London! It seems like such an awesome place.

& I always have a thing for British men & their accents!

Sarah said...

Can't wait till it's available on-line!

Cammila said...

These guided tours of high-style shops you've been doing are really great stuff. You've got such a great sense of feature style writing/layout, I've been completely engrossed even though I live much too far away to rush over and buy any of the delicious items you're highlighting! Which still feels like a tragedy but perhaps is for the best. ;)


very cool looking shop, i love all that is inside to buy too :)

your comments made me smile, thank you! I AM SMILING SO BIG right now!! xx

and that was a great idea, making those photos big for my husband. maybe 3 next to each other in black and white in a fancy black frame, I can give it to him for his Birthday! ♥

ps: trust me, he is very picky with what I wear to leave the house in, he wants me in his cage.. ;) haha

pss: and YES, you are extremely beautiful. wish I had your hair! you have a lovely face too!! x

CoutureCarrie said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Yours is equally impressive. Very extensive coverage of this fab store; it reminds me a bit of NYC fashion mecca the Intermix. Loving that star necklace!

styledigger said...

Wow, great outfits. I like all of them, but is the best! Those accesories are amazing! I'll be in London in august, I hope I'll find this shop!

Greetings from Poland,

Siobhan said...

how exciting! the shop looks divine. i shall look forward to visiting that boutique. wonderful blog

Fashion Ivy said...

That store is so great. I have to check them out online. Thanks for this great post

Anonymous said...

I totally adore those reviews and the last dress is totally awesome!

Siljesfashion said...

Looks great, LOve your reviews. Love the jewelry and the store is AMAZING! How fun.

Belle said...

That store looks so cool. I cant wait to check it out online.

Times of Glory said...

Thank you for all your comments! I'm really tired and seriously need some sleep now. Sorry, I cannot reply one by one, but thank you for all these lovely comments!

Lots of lots of lots of lots of hugs and kisses xxxxxxxxxxxxx

style slicker said...

Excellent post!!! I'm a huge fan of Hussein Chalayan's, fab to see his stuff stocked in the shop.

Winnie said...

Wow, I am so there. That shop really does have some pretty costume jewellery!

Danz said...

Oh my, this looks so amazing! Great review! I'll definitely have to check them out the next time I go to England and I'll be looking out for their online store. Btw, thanks very much for your really thoughtful comment on my post dear. You always make me smile :) take care

Cupcakes and Cashmere said...

i love all the open space, with the neutral floors and brilliant colors throughout!

ruby may said...

Thanks for the comment! I love your blog, it's pretty snappy.

Fashion Is Poison said...

what a great post! the first couple pics is exactly how i want my 2nd bedroom to look like....

Psyche said...

Thanks for taking us there! This boutique is so cool. I look forward to visiting the online store when it is up and running.

Flora said...

Wow another great shop to check out! Your shop reviews are great for those of us who never wander out of central london and you have such a lovely style!
Btw, where do you shop for your vintage jewellery? They are to die for!!!

Anonymous said...

Such cool funky vibes. Love them )))

Hugs from Angel.

Grayburn said...

I must have that poka dot dress and the accessories in that store! I might have to head down over to your end of europe :) Great review sweetie!

I'm so happy that you liked my mascara review :) Define a lash also has another version (volume) and I cannot wait to try that one as well.

x Grayburn

Belowen said...

wonderful review! if only i wasn't so far away! :(

The Seeker said...

As always I really love your reviews.
This one is great, I almost felt that I was windows shopping ;)
They have such nice and cool stuff.
Love dear.

Inspire the Starling said...

Loving the shop review - seems like a right little gem. I live not too far away and I've not yet vewntured there...something I may do this weekend. Do you know if they do menswear? Beautiful shop (not sure about the owner in some of the outfits tho :P, different market maybe?) Cx

Cate said...

Miss L, for me the fuss is definitely about the super cool sunglasses - and the colourful dresses - and the jewellery! and the interior! SIMPLY EVERYTHING! thanks for the great tour of hoxton boutique! and... half price martin margiela? hussein chalayan? WOW! this is a wonder boutique! and a vintage room... how original! gosh and i've read about Andy Warhol by Pepe Jeans only today!!! Can you order these items online too? because if you do, i HAVE to have the campbell dress!

i love the first outfit - as i said, i adore the Andy Warhol by Pepe Jeans line, and those shoes are great too! and the shoes in the second outfit are cool too, they give a stylish twist to the whole outfit. did you put those together? great job xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Times of Glory said...

Dear stylish friends, thank you for all the lovely comment! I'm so glad you love Hoxton! Yes, it is great! Everything there is so quirky and individual!

To Inspire the Starling: sorry dear, they only do womenswear...

To Cate: Andy Warhol pieces are very limited. Their new site is under construction at the moment! Let me know which one you are after, and I will try to check it for you xxxxxx

Paris said...

Oh wow wow wow!! Those glasses, the jewelry, the vintage section!! Even the decor of this place is uber chic and cool! I cannot wait for it to go online! Somebody mentioned how good your reviews are, and I totally agree. Everything is easy to follow, the pictures are always giving the reader exactly what they want, the writing is captivating. And not only that but you always take the time to visit other blogs and have left me some really lovely comments. I've learnt so much about fashion from you! Your blog is my number one favourite and you are so lovely xx

Blonde hair, Blue jeans said...

i think i'm going to book a flight to London just to visit the shop!!
loved the post!!

Francis Girard said...

I love a good shop review and this one has made me want to rush down to the east end NOW!. Thanks for the heads up. xf

Mikkle said...

ooo will have to stop there next time i am in london town. lol love the fro wigs on some of the dummies

Supercalifashionista said...

I'm going to London for my 16th birthday! I will have to visit this Boutique, it looks like fashion heaven on earth!

fashion herald said...

great store, i'm loving all the pins!

Carolina Lange said...

Amazing store! I have to go there!

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

Oh gosh, I really want to go shop now!

fashion herald said...

also, on second look, I'm pretty inspired by Allison, too. She's rocking it all.